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Spot Photo Introduction
Namtso lake Namtso lake

Namtso lake located at the north part of lhasa ,it is 250km from lhasa and 220km from Nagqu,and one of the Holy lake in Tibet.
Sok Tanden monastery Sok Tanden monastery

Sok Tsanden monastery is located north east part Tibet Sok Dzang,it is founded by the Mongol leader Gushri Khan on 17 century,
Riwoche Tsuglhakhang Riwoche Tsuglhakhang

The Riwoche Tsuglhakhang is located at east part of Tibet Kham ,it is far from lhasa 1200km and from Chamdo 150km ,it is founded in1276 by Sangye On,who relocated to kham after the death of his master Sangye Yorjon,the third leader of the Taglung order,Riwoche started as on off-shoot of Taglung monastery in U
Brahmaputra Gorges Brahmaputra Gorges

The swollen Yarlung Tsangpo makes some dramatic U-turns and crashes over a series of spectacular fall.the gorge records a depth of 5382m (almost three times the depth of the Grand Canyon) with a length of 496km,at one point the river narrows to a mere 20m.before bursting out into the Asssmese plain as the vast brahmaputra river.
Chamdo Ganden Jampaling monastery Chamdo Ganden Jampaling monastery

jampaling monastery was founded in the 15 th century by one of the Tsongkapa’s disciples, Jangsam Sherap Zangpo. It is the largest Gelukpa establishment in the Kham region and the development of the monastery was maintained over the centuries by the successive incarnations of Pakpa Lha whose father Kuchor Toden, had been an actual disciple of Tsongkapa
Lamaling monastery Lamaling monastery

Lamaling monastery was located south west of Bayi town and about 4km from Buchu village.the monastery was until recently the seat of the exiled Dudjom Rinpoche (1904-1987),the former head of the Nyingmapa order.the original temple was built on the hilltop in Zangtok Pelri style
Ranwu lake Ranwu lake

Ranwu lake with an altitude of 3800m,amny thousand-year-old willow trees have grown round the Rawu Lake whose surface is 2600m,in length and 1000-5000m in width, it is the place where the Palong river originates,beside the lake is a green grassland and rice field just like “ the scenery in the middle and lower reaches of the Ynagtse river of china ”
Draksum-tso Draksum-tso

Draksum-tso is located in Kongpo Gyamda county,55km to the east of Kongpo Gyamda and 300 km from Lhasa, there is an ancient temple of the Nyingmapa sect in the Tashi Island in the middle of the lake,the temple was built in 17th century,
Tirthapuri Tirthapuri

Tirthapuri was Located on the north bank of the Sutlej River, the Tirthapuri Hot Springs fill the barren landscape with steam.
Guge Kingdom Guge Kingdom

Guge kingdom is located Tsaprang village and east of the Tsada county,and built 9 century,the Guge kingdomwas set up after the second son had conquered Tsaprang,

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