Norbulinka : The Norbulinka .literally “jewel Garden”was the summer palace for the Dalai Lama,Located in the west surburb of Lhasa ,it is bu...
Drepung monastery
Drepung monastery
located at the west part of lhasa city,it is 5 km distance from lhasa city,the monastery was built by Jayangchje (the disciple of the Tsongkapa) in 1416,and it ...
Jorkhang temple
Jorkhang temple
Jokhang temple was situated at the old part of the lhasa city;it is built by the 33th Tibet religious king Songtsan Gampo with Nepal princess Bhrikuti and the C...
Potala palace
Potala palace
Potala palace :The Potala palace was situated in the top of the Marpo-ri hill at lhasa city,it is built by the 33th Tibetan religious king of the Songtsan Gampo...
Ganggye Lhasa hotel ★★★★...
Ganggye Lhasa hotel   ★★★★
The Ganggye hotel is a tradition Tibetan architecture and decorated with modern amenities 4 star standard hotel located at old part of lhasa city ,the hotel has...
Kyichu hotel★★★
Kyichu hotel★★★
The Kyichu Hotel is named after the Kyichu River, which in Tibetan is known as "the river of happiness". A tributary of the Yarlung Tsangpo (also know...
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Experience the vibrantion train tour in 2024

Experience the vibrantion train tour in 2024 Tour price: $790 $Duration: 7 Days 
Departure Time: fixed departure 
Highlight: Norbulinka / Drepung monastery / Jorkhang temple / Potala palace /  
Hotel: Ganggye Lhasa hotel ★★★★ / Kyichu hotel★★★ /  

                    Experience the vibration Tibet train tour in 2024

The train tour is a safety and reliable also an affordable trip transportation for people.Particular chilling of  the Tibet plateau is a undeveloped traffic condition region than China.before open the railway from China to Tibet ,for traveler only depend on airline way or by overland to entry to Tibet, since july 1st -2006 the Qinghai-Tibet railway start run,for the traveler created a new transportation channel and option to travel Tibet. along the railway run ,the Beijing ,Shanghai .Guangzhou ,Chengdu,Chongqing,Lanzhou.Xining cities running the train to Lhasa. we are according to this train line, special tailor-made above train tour for you choise.these tour programs covered all of Tibet mainly scenery,most important that by train from China to Tibet can suitable and anesis the high sickness.other point you can nearly experience the northeast Tibet plateau fantastic landscape 
Highlights: The Kokhonor lake ,Kekhxili  wildlife preserve area.The source of Yangze river ,North Tibet plateau nature landscape,UNESCO World Heritage culture site-Potala Palace,The old historic temple–Jokhang Temple (UNESCO).The three biggest Tibetan Gelukpa school monasteries –Drepung and Sera and the garden temple-Norbulinka UNESCO) and Tibet Museum ,and Bakhor Street.Brahmaputra River, Gangbala Pass, the Turquoise Lake Yamdrok. The Karo-la Glacier, the traditional town-Gytantse and the Dzong Castle , the Tibet’s second largest historic city-Shigatse,The Tibet first monastery-Samye ,and the cradle of the Tibetan’s town-Tsetang.the third pole-great vista: Mt. Everest  and ,The Kyirung great canyon.
Recommended the train tour as followings:
Note:These seven Tibet train tour product are according to currently train running cities designed the prgrams
                       The Key information for train tour 
The train ticket purchase policy for foreige traveler when by train entry to Tibet 
The new railway  from China to Tibet is running from July-1st-2006.it is created for the people a convenient with affordable choise. But ,for foreigne traveler is restriction and if without pemit the traveler personal cannot purchase the train ticket from China these cities as Beijing. Shanghai, Guangzhou.Chengdu, Chongqing,Lanzhou,Xining,Xi'an etc.But if you finish the trip when back to China from Tibet the traveler personal to purchase the train ticket don't need show the permit.But for traveler is  better arrange by your local tour operator can be save your  valuable time  
2 Essential requirement procedure for Purchase train ticket and relate information before plan the Tibet trip
Due to the train ticket purchase stipulation and restriction for foreign traveler to Tibet,The train station ticket window don't issue the ticket without Tibet tour permit for foreign.for this reason, the foreign traveler before plan the trip you should by internet or the method of referral to contact a local qualified travel agency ,through the local agency apply the Tibet tour permit for you at least 15day before your departure to Tibet ,usually the local agency approximate 10days obtain the Tibet tour permit from the Tourism bureau ,then through EMS Send to your gateway cities as your baording the train for Tibet.For apply the Tibet tour permit please check our website Tibet tour permit page ,there you will get clear information.the Tibet tourism bureau not accept application from China or Nepal travel agency ,also prohibiting sale it for clients and without local Tour guide the clients hold it to travel everywhere of Tibet.as we are worked the Tibet tourist industry around 20years. our tour operators  familiarization China and Kathmandu market and have a wealthly tour operate experience ,while can offering you a  carefree trip 
 3 The Train schedules and detail information 
For you understand the train information before you plan the Tibet train tour ,We have according to train company offer information on time update train run schedule in our website page Tibet train schedule for our client referrence 4 Recommend good location Hotel
These hotel is located around old part of Lhasa city and for your convenience to access with local people,we recommend these hotel for you choice. For further detail please click our Tibet hotel page here we strong recommend following hotel for you to choice ,
5 Good location and can serve delicious food resturant
During you travel in Tibet as Lhasa city;Shigatse,Gyantse;Tsetang;Nyingtri;Nagqu town there are numerous restaurant available for you and every style and budget you can choice at there, if you travel to remote area as Mt.Everest and far-west Tibet as Kailash area you only can be choice the Tibetan and Chinese restaurant .if you not used in Tibetan and Chinese food may bring your own rank and file for travel outside of these town ,specially in Lhasa city there few Nepal restaurant will be available for you ,these restaurant offer the western food and Nepal Indian south korea food so for our client we arrangement the meals as them interest. Meanwhile we will special arrangement one meal in Tibetan style restaurant for our client to taste the local Tibetan food .
Note:Following we will recommend some good location and can serve western food restaurant for you to choice in around old part of Lhasa city, Dunya resturant /Snowland restaurant/ New Mandala restuant / Lhasa kitch /Tashi No01/Namaste restaurant/ above these restaurant can serve you english meamu with nepal/Tibetan/indian/western Food for you availabe ,
For further detail of Tibet train information please click our Tibet tour information page   Tibet train  or send -E-mail to us in tenzinlhasa@hotmail.com ,tenzinlhasa@aol.com 


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