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Tour code-TO01 : 21days Tibet-Kailash-Kashgar Hwy overland tour
Best visit time: May-Sept Elev:3600m-5200m
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Tour code-TO02 : 10days Nepal-Tibet friendship Hwy overland tour
Best visit time:April-Oct Elev:3600m-5200m
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Tour code-TO03 : 11days Qinghai-Tibet Hwy overland tour
Best visit time : March-Oct Elev:2500m-4700m

How to book with us

 When you booking the tibet tour with tibetanstravel tour operator ,please  according to following steps to booking the Tibet tour with us ,Thank you!
Step 1Choose your favorite Tibet tour program from our website according to your requirement as we recommend in our website pages or by E-mail inquiry with our tour advisor
Step 2: By E-mail determine your tour program and cost with our tour operator. Then sign the tour contract with our tour operator by mail or fax. Final submit our website Book nowform to complete your information for booking the Tibet tour with our tour operator.
Step 3: Click our website Tibet tourBooking conditionPage .Read our booking requirement terms to known what you need offer your personal information to us at least 21days prior to your departure for application the Tibet tour permit.
Step 4: Prepaid deposit about 20% amount of your tour fee in our bank account No as we have mention you in our website How to Payment informationpage to secure your booking. And send as money order scan by mail or fax as we have mention you our company contact information. And by mail discussion with our tour operator about balance money payment way of the Tour cost.
Step 5:By mail inform us your arrival china or Nepal date and flight detail. That for we arrangement you the air ticket or train ticket for you from China or Nepal to entry Tibet.
Step 6:Start booking tour with Tibetanstraveltour operator and paid the deposit .must offer your person contact information as E-mail address and phone number to our tour operator. And while you keep in record our tour operator’s contact detail as office phone number ,cell number with e-mail address for just in case of emergency,
Step 7: Before your start the trip to Tibet click our website Tibet tour informationpage to know our Tibet travel notes as climate and temperature information.  
 How to pay us :
    When you have decide to book the Tibet tour with tour operator , you will need pay deposit
    around 10%-20% of your tour cost since you have booking the tour with us ,the balance tour cost you can pay when you getting in Tibet when meet our tour operator .so for you pay the deposit here we recommend you can choose
    following   payment way                         
      By credit card :   
  For you convenient to pay us the deposit we accept the Visa .Master card ,American Express. But you should pay the 4% extra money of the Banking commission ,after complete credit card processing please by email inform us with credit card information as follows:  
  Type of credit card    
1              Cardholder name
2              Card number
3              CVV2 number on back of credit card ,
4              Expiry date (M/y)  
5              Transaction amount
6              After you completed the credit card processing from bank to us ,please scan authorization letter and copy of
7              your passport by e-mail or fax to us ,with this please provide the both sidethe front page and the back page
8              copy of your credit card and a payment authorization paper with your signature to us ,after we received these
9              payment receipt go to bank of China to get your payment from your credit card issuing bank .
10            2 By bank wire transfer cash to us :
11            When you By bank wire the deposit to us please according to following our company bank account number
12            Beneficiary Name: 
13             Beneficiary's Bank Name: Bank of China Tibet Branch  
14             Beneficiary's Bank Address: Lhasa  
15            Beneficiary's Bank Country: China
16           beneficiary's Bank Account Number:         US dollars
17            Intermediary Bank SWIFT Code: BKCHCNBJ900   
18             For convenient our client who live in china .when booking the tour from china with us, And When you
19            Need pay deposit to us Chinese RMB ,you can choose following bank account number :
20            Beneficiary Name: 
22            Beneficiary's Bank Name: Bank of China Tibet Branch
24            Beneficiary's Bank Account Number: 
26       (    Note: is subsidiary of Tibetanstravel Travel Co.Ltd
27            Address and Contact Information of Bank office contact:
28             No 28 Linkuo west road ,Lhasa city Tibet Autonomous Region China
29             Tel:0086- 891-6833210
30              Fax:0086-891-6832796
31               Post code: 850000
32              Address and Contact Information of our travel company:
33           No 12 Yutou road Lhasa Tibet China         Post code :850000
34            Tel : 0086- 891-6825529
35             Fax :0086-891-6349455
36             E-mail:    
                   Note: After you sent the money through your bank ,please scan the receip of payment to us by mail or fax
                  to us,when  we receive your payment receiption we will start operate the tour for you as we reservation the                 hotel and Tour  guide,Vehicle, train or air ticket for you .and send the tour countract with tour voucher to you                 prior to your  departure. 
9                  By Paypal : 
                  We support online secure payment provided by Paypal (Details of Paypal Security center).
                    You can according to following step to using PayPal secure online payment                       :
                    Option 1. You can log in your Paypal account and pay to our Paypal account at (
                    Option 2. We can send you a payment request from our Paypal account(,when you get    
                    that request, you can easily log in your Paypal account to make payment.

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