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When is best time to travel Tibet

The April-June and Sept-Nov are generally the best time and most popular months, during these month can bring reliable weather . From July through to the end of September is rainy season can bring flash floods and high river, Which break up the poor road surface, But during the July and August especially, Tibet can be very wet ,It is a very good time of year to visit festival site, After October the Temperature is become draw down .the weather is cold for your pleasant travel .If you had plan to travel to above the 4500m sea level area as Everest base camp, and Mt.Kailash the temperature too cold ,if you just trip around Lhasa city the weather is also suit to travel,

⑵ What document is require before travel to Tibet

For all foreign traveler who have plan to travel Tibet ,firstly You will must prepare a valid passport and a valid Chinese Visa are essential .Then you through a local travel agency have arrangement the Tibet tour permit before you entry Tibet .For obtained the Tibet tour permit for you trip to Tibet that you will join a tour group organize by a travel agency. Only the local travel agency can be able to obtained the Tibet tour permit from Tibet Tourist Bureau .also must obtained the Tibet tour permit is very important travel procedure before you begin the tour to Tibet ,so for about Tibet tour permit please Check our Tibet tour permit Page,

⑶ How to getting Tibet

When you plan to travel Tibet ,You consider that which gate way city is for you easy to access to Tibet. therefore ,There are two ways leading to Tibet ,One is from Kathmandu of Nepal ,the other is from China. If you are planning to enter Tibet from Kathmandu you can option by air plane to direct flight Lhasa airport and by land cruiser on overland from Kathmandu-Lhasa along with friendship high way .If you planning to enter Tibet from China. You can option by airplane ,by Qinghai-Tibet railways and by bus or land cruiser on overland tour. The air flight at present have connection with china several cities as Beijing ,Shanghai ,Xian ,Chengdu ,Guangzhou ,Chongqing ,Kunming ,Shangri-La , Xining .The train is running Between China these cities as Beijing ; Shanghai Guangzhou ;Chongqing ; Chengdu ;Lanzhou ; Xining; The overland tour by jeep or bus start from Golmod along with Qinghai-Tibet highway ,and from Chengdu along with Sichuan-Tibet highway and from Zhongdian along with Kunming –Tibet highway, Other is from Kashgar along with Kashigar-Tibet highway, all of these ways are available for traveler access to Tibet ,for further detail information please check our Air flight information page and for train please Check the Train information Page

How to booking tour with us

When you decide to booking the Tibet tour with Tibetanstravel tour operator team .you must provide us the list of you detail information at least 21 days prior to your departure as a valid passport and a valid Chinese visa. With this you need pay a non-refundable deposit of USA$ 200 per person before your departure as we have mentioned you our bank account Number and address. When we got your money order our tour operator will start to arrangement tour for you, For further detail information please enter our tour booking condition Page

⑸ Hotel Accommodation :

In Tibet the accommodation is available all level for you from 5 star standard hotel to Budget guest house .all of these hotel will be according to your request to booking by our tour operator for you, only the 5 star hotel is available in Lhasa city. when you travel outside of Lhasa city as Tsetang , Shigatse ,Nyingtri.Nagchu Towns will be available from 3 star standard hotel to Budget Guest house .Other small town is available under 2 star hotel or guest house ,the room may be a double room with private shower and toilet in the room ,When travel remote area as Mt.Everest and far west Tibet as Mt.Kailash and Guge and far southeast Kham area only choice the local guest house basic with only multi-share room ,common pit-toilet ,No shower and hot water. If your tour program is trekking we arrangement the accommodation for you when you arrival the major town , during you start the trekking is will be camping in tent. There no choice to get room to you. For further detail information please check Hotel information page .

⑹ Food :

During you travel in Tibet as lhasa city;Shigatse,Gyantse;Tsetang;Nyingtri;Nagqu town there are numerous restaurant available for you and every style and budget you can choice at there, if you travel to remote area as Mt.Everest and far-west Tibet as Kailash area you only can be choice the Tibetan and Chinese restaurant .if you not used in Tibetan and Chinese food may bring your own rank and file for travel outside of these town ,specially in Lhasa city there few Nepal restaurant will be available for you ,these restaurant offer the western food and Nepal Indian south korea food so for our client we arrangement the meals as them interest. Meanwhile we will special arrangement one meal in Tibetan style restaurant for our client to taste the local Tibetan food .

⑺ Transportation:

In recently year the Tibet road condition improved than past year. leading to every major town and tourist attractions road condition have changed a paved road from dirt road, During you travel in Tibet by any vehicle to go there you may feeling safety. Due to the Tibet plateau unique climate and complicate .we use the vehicle for our group van or mini bus and coach as Lhasa city and Gyantse, Shigtase ,Tsetang Nyingtri towns and as well as airport transfer, if the group will go outside of these towns will be arrangement a 4 wheel land cruiser. And each car stay 5seats include one driver and one guide seat with 3 guest seat. And for thus case we will arranged the vehicle according to our group size .All our driver are full trained in safety and are well experienced in driver in Tibet .You will find that you are more comfortable and safety with them ,and the driver will be friendship with you during you travel in Tibet.

⑻ Road condition in Tibet :

The Tibet road condition infrastructure is much improved recently years from government, leading to major prefecture town and the highlights attractions spot is changed from unpaved road to a comfortable pave road .In addition to some remote and rural area is still a dirt road ,Other highway as Qinghai-Tibet ,friendship highway and Sichuan-Tibet highway is can be available all kind of vehicle .Especially the friendship highway and Qinghai-Tibet highway is can do tour whole years from last year . The Sichuan-Tibet highway is also a paved road but when you travel this road on overland you must avoid the rainfall as begin of the July to mid September. The Tibet-Kashgar highway also changed in paved road nowadays ,But due to climate limit only summer season can do overland tour for this route .

⑼ Guide and Driver

You travel in Tibet you must understand that Tibet is most politic sensitive area ,The government prohibition foreign traveler do independent tour without tour guide. For thus fact we have arrangement a tour guide for our group .and our every tour group are must arrangement from local Tibetan English speak guide .the guide culture level must be a richest experience and knowledgeable, Though this way let you know more Tibet unique culture and local custom is our final goal. Our all vehicle driver are full trained in safety and a well experience in Tibet. They are live local and know this land ,During you travel in Tibet with them you felt more comfortable and safety from them service ,

⑽ About Tibet climate :

the Tibetan climate is not as harsh as many people imagine . The best time of year to be in Tibet is from April to the beginning of November, after which temperatures start to plummet. The central Tibet , including Lhasa , Gyantse, Shigatse and Tsedang, generally has very mild weather from April to November, though July and August can be rainy these two months usually see around half of Tibet 's annual rainfall. October and November often bring some dazzling clear weather and daytime temperatures can be quite comfortable at Tibet 's lower altitude. The coldest months are from December to February. but in daytime also not cold as the people has consideration .therefore for your further known about Tibet weather information, Please check the Tibet Elevation and Temperature form Page before you travel to Tibet.

⑾ About high sickness

The Tibet elevation is over of the 3600m,Most area be in a lower oxygen zone, also the climate is unique and complicate than other area, for traveler who before travel to Tibet first consider that whether your health is suit to travel this high altitude region. And before you plan to this trip you should go to hospital consultant from you doctor suggestion and see whether they recommend any immunization for you travel Tibet. Exception the serious heart disease, lung disease, hypertension and diabetes patients should not travel to high altitude region ,the normal health people can travel the plateau. When you reach a high altitude region the health will be mild altitude sickness Such as occur different degrees of headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, insomnia and other symptoms. For those symptoms will most important deterrent against altitude sickness is acclimatization .which is essentially the process of giving your body time to adjust at high altitudes ,getting enough rest ,eating properly and staying well hydrated are also important in the prevention. And very important advise is must keep your mind that when arrival Tibet first night don’t go to bathe and not cold ,also wear a warm clothes before your health suit the high altitude ,and ask your guide or hotel reception help you to buying some bottle of oxygen for prevention the altitude sickness. Meanwhile before you departure you can bring some medicine as aspirin tablets ,Sedative and anti-altitude sickness medicine is need prepare just in cause . Therefore ,it is important to take precautions when you arrive in Lhasa and on the rest of the trip. Tell your guide if you do not feel well. Walk with moderation for the first day or two. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids. You may lose your appetite, but force yourself to eat as much as you can. You may experience a headache that should go away in a day or two. All symptoms should disappear within a couple days. If they get worse quickly, or do not go away, notify your guide. If necessary, you can receive treatment in Lhasa where they have a good altitude sickness hospital, but this is rarely needed.

⑿ Tibet attractions

For traveler. Tibet is without doubt one of the most remarkable place to visit in Asia it offers fabulous monastery sights , breathtaking high-altitude treks. Stunning view of the world’s highest mountains and one of the most likeable peoples you will ever meet .for this our tour operator will according to each client difference specific need and interests to designed the tour itinerary for you. For further detail information about Tibet landscapes please check our Tibet main scenic spots Page

⒀ Tibet trek :

The Tibet plateau is a vast and mountainous place offers almost unlimited potential for trekkers ,from the frigid high northwest plain to the stream jungles of the southeast ,Tibet is a land of rich cultural and ecological contrasts ,The remoteness of Tibet combined with climatic extremes poses special challenge for the trekker-and unique reward, some remoter areas are even now only accessible on foot or horseback ,the trekking conditions are especial than other area ,In general travel to Tibet represent the sightseeing tours but even the land is lies in average above 12000 feet ,This inaccessible land have many possibilities of trekking routes, For the adventure seeker. Whether it is a pilgrimage trek or a mountain expedition, Tibet offers trekking trips from short one day to month long as per ones requirement. But the treks are not feasible in the wintertime as the temperature goes very low (-30 to -40oF) and also the days are much shorter ,We offer many different types of treks to Tibet , with a range of hotels to suit every pocket. What's more, as we understand that a visit to this special country is a highly personal experience, For those we tailor made the a trek itineraries according to every clients specific needs and interest .for further information please entre our Tibet trekking page

⒁ What you need bring for you during travel Tibet :

Here are the items suggested to bring you may of course add what you bring for you regular trip

﹣Down jacket or warm fleece top ﹣Thermal underwear(top and bottom) ﹣Cotton shirts(short and long sleeved) ﹣Warm cotton trouser ﹣Sunglasses ﹣Warm woolen hat and gloves ﹣Sandals (flip-flops) ﹣Towel ﹣Sleeping bag (for camping/trekking ) ﹣Rain jacket ﹣Strong sun cream and protector ﹣Moisturize ﹣Water bottle ﹣Camera

15) What document essential offer booking the Tibet tour in 2022

 in 48hrs nucleic accid testing certification with Health QR code ,and vaccination certification paper

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