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How to getting Tibet

Tibet is located roof of the world ,it is junction with serveral South Asia countries as Nepal ,Indian,Bhutan ,But there are no International airline directly connection to Tibet region ,only  fews flights connection  between  Kathmandu of Nepal and Lhasa. or through Nepal you can by airline or ground traffic line  be able entry to Tibet., of course from Mainland of China very easy to access to Tibet through airline ,train or ground traffic line .
For every Foreign traveler ,when you consider plan the Tibet tour, Firstly you need consider that how to getting Tibet,and through which gateway cities to access Tibet.What document and equipment you need prepare before begin the trip.all these factorship you will need to consider before plan the tour, 
you can choice this three way to getting Tibet as by airline  flight from Kathmandu or China , By train  from China these cities to Tibet as Beijing ,Shanghai ,Guangzhou , Chongqing, Chengdu, Lanzhou,Xinnning . until now other China cities  not  directly running the train to Tibet .only you has by train or flight  to these cities then by train to Tibet. the another way  you can choise a overland tour by ground vehicle from Kathmandu of Nepal or from China entry to Tibet ,these three way will available for you any time,you can according to your own interest to option the tour with us 
(a)  By air
The airplne is one a rapidly and comfortable mordern traffic at currently.But for variou reason Tibet beyond Kathmandu of Nepal have connection no other country airline directly flight to Tibet,
For foreign traveler if you plan by air to flight to Tibet ,you only first flight from your country to Nepal of Kathmandu or China these gateway citien as Beijing, Shanghai.Chengdu of Sichuan province,Xi'an,Kunming of Yunnan province,Chongqing.then you will need transfer other airline to flight  Tibet, until now ,in addition to an International flight from Kathmandu of Nepal to Tibet ,there are no any international airline company allow to directly operating this line, only china southwest airline company have operating the flight between Kathmandu and Lhasa every weekly Tuesday ,Thursday and Saturday flights to Tibet. From china serveral china airline company have operating the flight to Tibet from china different cities ,so from china for you easy entry to Tibet by air plane, for further detail information Please check our website  Air flight information page.
The air flight  to Tibet from China these cities
1 Beijing-Lhasa                 Daily  flight  time 4hrs    
2 Shanghai to Lhasa        Daily  flight  time 4hrs 
3 Guangzhou to Lhasa     Daily  flight  time 4hrs    
4 Chongqing-to Lhasa     Daily   flight time 2hrs 
5 Chengdu to Lhasa         Daily  flight time  2hrs 
6 Lanzhou to Lhasa          Daily   flight time 2hrs 
7 Xining to Lhasa              Daily  flight  time  2hrs 
Xi'an to Lhasa                 Daily  flight time  2hrs
9 Kunming to Lhasa          Daily  flight time 3hrs 
10 Shangri-la to Lhasa     Daily. flight  time 2hrs 
(b) By train
Train are an economical and safe way to travel by land. particularly, from 1st-july-2006 once the Qinghai-Tibet railway opened ,for traveler there are increasing one more lead to Tibet,
Since the Qinghai-Tibet railway have been opened, For every traveler increased a new travel Tibet traffic channel. When you plan to travel to Tibet ,you can take train enjoy the Qinghai-Tibet railway from china into Tibet to travel
This world amazing land. And also from china several cities have opened the train to Tibet every day. So you can according to yourself requirement to choose which china city is better for you by train to travel Tibet point . Here we will strongly recommend you click our websiteTibet train informationpage .through this Tibet train information you can know further detail information for the Qinghai-Tibet railway ,
The train to Tibet from China these cities
1 Beijing toLhasa              Distance 3757km  runnung hours 41hrs  (two night in Train) 
2 Shanghai to Lhasa         Distance 4300km  Runing hours 46hrs   (two nights in Train)
3 Guangzhou to Lhasa     Distance 4700km Runninghors 48hrs     (two nights in Train)
4 Chongqing-to Lhasa      Distance 3700km Runing runing 38hrs   (two nights in train)
5 Chengdu to Lhasa          Distance 3720km Running hours 37hrs  (two nights in train)
6 Lanzhou to Lhasa           Distance 2230km Runnung hours 24hrs (one night in train)
7 Xining to Lhasa               Distance 1970km Running times 21hrs. (one nigjht in Train) 
Note: Xi'an to Lhasa no directly train begin from Xi'an station,you only catch the Shanghai to Lhasa or Guangzhou to Lhasa two train .
(c)  By overland 
The road trip to Tibet is very long distance and difficult.But the scenery was prefect ,special by the Sichuan-Tibet highway from Chengdu of Sichuan province,By the Yunnan-Tibet highway from Kunming via the famous tourist town Dali and Lijing Shangrila to Lhasa also by the Firendship highway from Kathmandu of Nepal cross Nepal and Tibet border via the Kyirung valley,Tingri and Shigatse Gyantse Karo-la glacier fina reach at Lhasa By jeep or bus to do overland tour into Tibet ,You can choose these route to travel Tibet :
1 Nepal-Tibet highway
The tour will start from Nepal of Kathmandu by jeep or bus to do overland tour to Tibet .on way cross the friendship bridge into Nepal-Tibet border town of Kyirung,then along the Nepal-Tibet highway to Lhasa .total distance around 1040km , the elevation is from 1300m to 5200m ,on way you can appreciate many amazing highlight scenery as Dram grand canyon forests scenery ,the world highest mountain Shishpagma .Cho-Oyu .Everest ,Lhotse.Makalu .Shigatse Tashilunpo monastery,Gyantse Pelkor chode monastery&Kumbum staup .,the Karo-la glacier ,the turquoise lake-Yamdrok-tso.Brahmaputra river ,the world heritage Potala palace.En-rout If your physical condition possible you can consider extending you tour program to visit the Everest base camp
Highlights: The Kyirung grand gorge,Peikutso lake ,The Mt-Shishapagma,Chu-oyu.Mt Everest , The Tashilunpo monastery at the Shigatse,The Pelkor choden  and The Dzong castel in Gyantse,The Karo-la glacier in the way,The turquiose lake -Yamdrok tso,The UNESCO world culture heritage patala and the holy temple -Jokhang,The historical bazaar-Bakhor,the center Tibet region two larget Buddhist monastery-Drepung and Sera ,the summer palace -Norbulinka.
Best travel season:April to Nov 
2 Qinghai-Tibet highway:
The Qinghai-Tibet highway is start from Golmud of Qinghai province and end of the Lhasa city of Tibet ,between both of city there are 1160km distance .this highway whole road form Golmud to Lhasa need traverse the desolate of north part of Tibet plateau. except the Golmud2800m) and Lhasa city (3650m) elevation is under the 3650m. En-route other town and pass the elevation is over the 4000m to 5200m. Because the cold weather ,for traveler who when interest to do overland tour by jeep or bus from this highway you only choose the summer time to do overland tour to travel Tibet is your best option 
Hightlights: Kunlun mountain ,Kekexili wildlife reserve area, and the Tibetan antelope. The source of the Yangze river-Tuotuohe, The highest pass-Tanggu-la .The Tsona lake ,the Nyenchen Tangla glacier ,the Yangpachen geothermal ,The UNESCO  world's  culture heritage relic -Potala palace The holy temple -Jokhang and surround pilgrimage circuit path and The historical street -Bahkor
Best travel season :april to Dec.
3 Sichuan-Tibet highway
The Sichuan-Tibet highway is the most important national  traffic artery aslo is a very dangeriou highway but most beautiful  belong in China,the highway from begin to end point through to high mountain and narrow valley,all of these scenery is etremly pretty than other region,and along this highway the villages people keep traditional lifestyle with unique charm.
The Sichuan –Tibet highway is start from Chengdu of Sichuan province end of Lhasa city ,between two city there are 2600km distance.but this tour is much beautiful landscape along the way until reach Lhasa.from plain basin to the mountain valley and the elevation of 1000meters to more than 5000meters.from the bustel city to remoter twons In Khampa Tibet region until you reach the Lhasa,all of the way offer you a fabulous monastery sights,beautiful virgin forest.and snow mountains, lakes breathtaking high-altitudes treks,stunning view of the world's highest mounatins and likeable Khampa peoples you will meet ,you can have more chance to access the authentic Tibet tradition culture and the brave heroism Khampa people.
The tour will cross cities and towns throught Sichuan-Tibet highway:
Chengdu, Ya'an ,Kangding, Litang, Batang, Markang, Dzonggong, Bashol, Ranwok lake,Pome.Nyingtri,Lhasa.
Highlights: Panda breed camp In Chengdu, Kangding the capital city of Ganzi  and the most city for Khampa region .Drido pass view the Mt.Gongga.The Litang grass land and Horse race ,the beautiful lake Ranwok ,and Pome primeval forest reserve.the Lunang alpine valley ,the China ten of the famous beautiful mountain Nanche Barwa,the holy lake Draksum tso. the UNESCOM world's heritage potala palce  ,holy temple Jokhang .The Tibet Buddhist largest Gelukpa section monastery Drepung and Sera ,the summer palace -Norbulinka.
Best travel season: April to June  and Sept to Oct
For detail itinerary please see the siteas 
4 Yunnna-Tibet highway
The Yunnan-Tibet high way linked the two big ethnic settlement area is start from the color city Kunming end of the Lhasa of Tibet .total distance is 2317km ,it is called 214 national highway,follow this legendary of Tea-horse raod take jeep cross beautiful city Dali and romantic Lijiang then cross the mystery of Khampa region as Gyaltang and Denchen reall soak up a authentic Tibet Khamap people original life style  and culture ,whole of your trip offer a memory in your life style.
The tour need pass cities: Kunming,Dali, Lijiang,Shangri-la, Markham, Dzonggong,Bashol.Pome.Nyingtri,Lhasa.
Highlights: The color city -Kunming and The splendid stone forest, The legendary town of  Dali and the city lake-Erhai,The romantic  city-Lijiang and the Yangze river grand canyon ,and Tiger leapon gorge, The Songtsanling monastery in Gyaltang(Shangri-la),The Khampa region famous holy mountain-Karwagarpo,The Tibet first -christan church in Yanjing of Markam,The awe-inspiring lake -Ranwok.The Brahmaputra river grand gorge, The charming holy lake -Draksum -tso,The UNESCO world's culture heritage -Potala palce ,Holy temple -Jokhang, and historical bazaar-Bakhor street the Tibet Buddhist largest monastery Drepung and Sera in Lhasa .
Road condition: whole paved until to Lhasa .
Best travel season:April to june and sept to oct
 5 Xinjiang-Tibet highway
The Xinjiang-Tibet highway is Start from Kashgar of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and end of Ngari of TAR. Between this two town the distance is about 1400km. whole of this highway is the highest road in the world .on way the elevation is over the 4500m,the highway road from start to end of point have traverse the cold arid of west Tibet plain .for weather limit if you interesting to do overland tour following this highway you only choice the best visit time as June-September is better for you to travel this route,
Highlights: The Kashgar old part of city and the architecture mosque,The Pangong lake in Ngari of Tibet ,the Guge kingdom relic, The Mt.Kailash and Manasorovar.
Best travel season:May to oct 
Average elevation: Kashgar 1289m    Yecheng1347m    Rutok4200m     Panggong tso4241m    Ngari4250m    Darchen 4500m   Manasorovar 4450m  Paryang  4750m   Saga4600m   Lhatse4000m  Shigatse 3850m,  Gyantse 3950m  Karo-la 5150m ,Yamdrok4400,Gangbala pass 4700m  Lhasa3650m

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