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Spot Photo Introduction
Phuntsokling manasetry&Jonang kumbum Phuntsokling manasetry&Jonang kumbum

Sakay monastery Sakay monastery

Sakya monastery : founded in 11century by the khon konchok Gyelpo(the founder of the sakyapa sect),the great monastery was located at the west part of Tibet and distance from shigatse to sakya monastery 150 km ,the sakya traditiona is one of the four main Buddhist school in Tibet, the monastery is a biggest basic for the Sakyapa order,
Shalu monastery Shalu monastery

Shalu monastery is lined at 18km of the southeast of Shigatse town,it was built in 1087 by the Jetsun Sherab Jungne ,the monastery was build has striking Chinese –style roof,it is seat for the Shalupa sect monastery in later and the monastery shows a special architectural style combining Chinese with Tibetan style
Tashilhunpo monastery Tashilhunpo monastery

Tashilhunpo monastery was located on the south slope of the Nyimari hill in west of the Shigatse town,it is founded in 1447 by the first Dalai lama,Gendun Drupa(the 8th disciple of the Tsongkapa),which is known as one of the six major monasteries of the Gelupa sect and a largest monastery in the Tsang area,
Drigung-til Drigung-til

Driguung_Til monastery is the head monastery of the Drigungpa school of the Kagyupa order. The Drigungpa is one of the eight schools derived from the teachings of Phakmodrupa Dorje Gyelpo whose seat was established at Densathil at northeast of Tset
Reting manastery Reting manastery

Reting monastery was constructed in the 11 th century by Dromtonpa, the foremost Tibetan student of the great Bangali master Atisha. Here Dromtonpa established the principle seat of his Kadampa school and according to legend, 20,000 Juniper trees and Springs emerged from the hairs of his head miraculously.
Tsurphu Monastery Tsurphu Monastery

Tsurphu monastery is the seat of the Karmapa and it was founded in the 1180s by the first Karmapa Dusum Kyenpa, some forty years after he established the Karmapa order in Kham, the place where he was born and Tsurphu was the third Karmapa monastery to be built and after the death of the first Karmapa,
Drak Yerpa Drak Yerpa

was located about 35km northeast of one of the holiest cave retreats in U ,since the king Songtsen Gampo meditated in a cave here.after his Tibetan wife established the first of Yerpa’s chaple.among the many ascetics also sojourned here are GURU Ringpichen and Atisha
Ramchen temple Ramchen temple

was founded in the 7 th century by King Songtsen Gampo’s Chinese consort, princess Wencheng to house the image of Jowo Shakyamuni that is in Jokang temple in the present day. Originally Ramoche temple was built in Chinese style but after being destroyed by fire, the present three storeyed building was constructed in Tibetan style.
Ganden monastery Ganden monastery

Situated 70 km east of Lhasa city,the monastery was founded in 1409 by Tsongkhapa on the Gokpori ridge of Mt Wangkur,Genden was the first and foremost Gelupa monastery.constructed by Tsongkhapa himself and has been the main seat of this major Buddhist order ever since,

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