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Our tour Booking process for 2022

 Our tour booking process and policy

 You have decide to booking the Tibet trip with the Tibetanstravel Operator please read our booking process as below:
(1) You must provide us the list of your detail information as following:
①Full of name ;②Sex ;③Date of birth; ④Nationality ;⑤Occupation, ⑥Passport No and with you're a valid passport and Chinese visa copy via E_mail or fax to us at least 3 weeks prior to your departure, without this cannot obtained the Tibet entry permit and visa authorities, 
2) When you booking the trip with our tour operator, We will according to your request to arrangement the trip for you, but you first tell us your idea that what you like included or exclude in your trip; and what range of accommodation you need to we booking for you;
 3 When you have officially confirmation the itinerary designed by our operator .We will according to your determine itinerary give you quotation, and mention in quotation what included /exclude in your tour quote, so please check carefully before you have confirmed the quotation, when you had been official confirmation the quotation , you want to change or increase your tour point ,you need pay the extra expenses,
  (4) When you booking the trip with our tour operator, you must understand that who hold the three category of the passport as government official ;Diplomatic And Journalist capacity person is cannot obtained the Tibet tour permit, and we do not arrangement the tour for thus.
 5) You have booking the trip with us through our website you must understand that we are runs the variety range of Tibet tour ,Trek camping ,expedition arrangements. when we have get the tour quote and itinerary confirmation from you with received your deposite from bank inform us, the tour contract will be into effect between you and the Tibetanstravel tour operator team.
6) To booking the trip with us you need pay a non-refundable deposit of USA$300 per person before your departure as we have mentioned you our bank account Number and address, the surplus money you be paid cash us when you arrival in Lhasa ,until your deposit not received the trip booking is no confirmed and no any contract will exist between you and Tibetanstravel tour operator team.
 (7) For you have payment the deposit please check our bank account information as we have mentioned under:
For dollars bank information
Beneficiary Name: Lhasa Holyland Tour & Service        
Beneficiary's Bank Name: Bank of China Tibet Branch              
Beneficiary's Bank Address: Lhasa                                   
Beneficiary's Bank Country: China                     
Beneficiary's Bank Account Number:    03917958091014    (US dollars)
Intermediary Bank SWIFT Code: BKCHCNBJ900     
(Note: is subsidiary of Lhasa holy land tour &service Co.Ltd)
Address and Contact Information of Office:
 No 208 Beijing middle road Lhasa Tibet China Post code :850000
Tel : 0086- 891-6825529
Fax: 0086-891-6828266
Post code :850000
 1)You must understand that the Tibet is less development area ,the standard of accommodation ,modes of transportation condition is not same as china or your home country, So you will fully agree to accept that from our arrangements, since you had official confirmed the trip with us the contract will be into effect between you and Tibetanstravel tour operator ,So you must according to confirmation to accept our arrangement ,if you request change the itinerary as you arrival in Lhasa,should travel Tibet operator deems it advisable to amendment an itinerary for any reason, It may do so by shortening ;varying or re-routing any trip, these changes are binding and additional expenses will charge to you if the reason for any alteration outside Tibetanstravel tour operator direct control ,
2 All of the your Tibet trip itinerary is according to our tour contract to be conduct strictly by the Tibetanstravel tour Operator Authority, Thus Tibetanstravel tour Operator or its agent are not responsible for any change or alteration of program and sightseeing points due to unavoidable circumstance beyond its control such as political unrest, natural calamities included road blockage ,flood landslide ,unexpected snow ,Unrest cancelation of the flight delay and arrival, illness in the remoter area or accidents occur, 
If you want cancelation trip booking must be prior to your departure, but the deposit is not refund from the Tibetanstravel tour Operator ,In such case a the full refunded is give to Tibetanstravel tour operator and they not responsible for expenses incurred in preparing for the trip,  For further detail information please read our website Tearm&Booking condition page 


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