Drepung monastery
Drepung monastery
located at the west part of lhasa city,it is 5 km distance from lhasa city,the monastery was built by Jayangchje (the disciple of the Tsongkapa) in 1416,and it ...
Jorkhang temple
Jorkhang temple
Jokhang temple was situated at the old part of the lhasa city;it is built by the 33th Tibet religious king Songtsan Gampo with Nepal princess Bhrikuti and the C...
Potala palace
Potala palace
Potala palace :The Potala palace was situated in the top of the Marpo-ri hill at lhasa city,it is built by the 33th Tibetan religious king of the Songtsan Gampo...
Tsetang hotel ★★★★
Tsetang hotel  ★★★★
the Tsetang hotel is locatsed at Tsetang town.it is a 4 star standard hotel with 90rooms.the hotel supply western style .Add:Naidong road Tsetang town Tibet Chi...
Shigatse hotel ★★★
Shigatse hotel  ★★★
The Shigatse hotel is located at the Shigatse city. it is a government owned 4 star standard hotel with 150 rooms in this city.the hotel facilities and servi...
Ganggye Lhasa hotel ★★★★...
Ganggye Lhasa hotel   ★★★★
The Ganggye hotel is a tradition Tibetan architecture and decorated with modern amenities 4 star standard hotel located at old part of lhasa city ,the hotel has...
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Explore the fascinating of Tibet in 2024

Explore the fascinating of Tibet in 2024 Tour price: stansard tour price $Duration: 9-20days 
Departure Time: fixed departure 
Highlight: Drepung monastery / Jorkhang temple / Potala palace /  
Hotel: Tsetang hotel ★★★★ / Shigatse hotel ★★★ / Ganggye Lhasa hotel ★★★★ /  

                                          Recommend Tibet expedition tour  

The Tibet is one of the world Ten topest tourist destination in Asia, and due to iits distinctive geography and unqiue culture has attracted wolrdwide traveler.also its topographic feature very fit for the outdoor activity lovers ,particularlly the Himalaya region.there are serveral favorite expedition route for tourism option.we are as a Tibetan local senior tour operator.we use ourself local advantage expertise provide  tour product for our clients.All of the these program guarantee a safty.flexible arrange.also Here we have recomrnended these classic Tibet trekking routes for our client option,all of these programm obvious coverage from hisitoric sight to highlight of the nature landscapes.

 The Trekking tour

Hitightlight:Tread the old pilgrim trail from Genden  to  Samye a test od physical mettle as much as spiritual feat
Highlights: A short excursion from Tsurphu to Yangpache execirse your physical and experience the North Tibet pasture landscape 
Hightlights:Hiking from Shalu to Nartang a great introdutction to trekking in Tibet and a window on the ancient art of pilgrimage 
Hightlights:Hike in the shadow of Mt.everest .for spectacular scenery  rigorous.exercise and the oppportunity to close to Tibetan culture
Highlights:Circumambulate Mt.Kailash not juyst a walk around a mountain but a quest to deeper glimmerings of the self and the universe
Hightlights:Hike from Karta valley to East face of the Mt.Everest ,Genuine admire the Himalaya range three highest peak as Makalu.Lhotse and Everest.
Note :Beyond these 6 trekking routes ,we also arrnage other Tibet regions trekking as Namtso lake circuit trekking.Draksumtso lake and others more ,all of those tour we customize as our clients specific interest and need 
The Overland land tour
Key information 
1) Make the expedition of discover with our comprehensice coverage of the Tibetan plateau
 Due to TheTibet unique highland geography and climate feature,the Tibet  posses  unlimited outdoor activity potential for walkers.as from the frigid high northern plain to the streamy jungles of southeast . and also the remotess of Tibet combined climatic extremes poses special challenges for trekkers and unique rewards. Particularlly, for outdoor lover ,Through the footstep trekk  in Tibet along with the Himalaya ranges and central Tibet countryside to witness its genuine  fascianated scenery is the most outdoor lovers expectation . As our many years Tibet expedition tour operate experience and discuss with our client.we are provide diverse trekking tour and overland tour in our website page for our client choise 
2) Essential requirement for the Tibet trekking  and overland tour 
For foreign traveler to visit Tibet is difference other region ,before you begin this trip you need through a Travel agency arrange the Tour permits,then hold the original permit to buy the air ticket or train ticket for entry Tibet .Otherwise ,the airline company or train ticket sale window refuse issued ticket for without hold Tibet permits foreigners ,for outdoor tour also need obtain the travel permit from PSB(public security bureau).if your trekking route along the border area need another permits from Military scet .for this factory ,you should prepare a Valid passpor and Chinese visa when determined  the tour send your travel agency to entrust them application the permits for you trip at least 3weeks prior to you departure ,For further detail information please click our Tibet tour information page
3) To know what you need prepare personal equipment for Tibet expedition tour 
  • A good pair and sunglasses,high-factor sunscreen lotion and lip balm,to block out strong high-altitude light,
  • A sleep bag if heading off the beaten track or travelling outside of high summer
  • A water bottle for cooling boiled water(thus doublng as a hot-water bottle). an alarm clock for early morning transport and a strong torch(flashlight) for viewing the inside of monasteries.
  • Warm clothing -in the summer months a good sweater or fleece will do the trick unless you are planning to be trekking at high altitudes or heading out to western Tibet A water proof jacket is useful if you are head out to eastern Tibet in summer
  • Hard to -find toiletries like shaving cream ,razor blades deodorant .dental floss, and tampons, cold medicines and throad pastilles are useful as many travellers develop a cold and cough as a result of altitude 
4) Recommend good location Hotel
These hotel is located around old part of Lhasa city and for your convenience to access with local people,we recommend these hotel for you choice. For further detail please click our Tibet hotel page here we strong recommend following hotel for you to choice ,
5 Good location and can serve delicious food resturant
During you travel in Tibet as Lhasa city;Shigatse,Gyantse;Tsetang;Nyingtri;Nagqu town there are numerous restaurant available for you and every style and budget you can choice at there, if you travel to remote area as Mt.Everest and far-west Tibet as Kailash area you only can be choice the Tibetan and Chinese restaurant .if you not used in Tibetan and Chinese food may bring your own rank and file for travel outside of these town ,specially in Lhasa city there few Nepal restaurant will be available for you ,these restaurant offer the western food and Nepal Indian south korea food so for our client we arrangement the meals as them interest. Meanwhile we will special arrangement one meal in Tibetan style restaurant for our client to taste the local Tibetan food .
Note:Following we will recommend some good location and can serve western food restaurant for you to choice in around old part of Lhasa city, Dunya resturant /Snowland restaurant/ New Mandala restuant / Lhasa kitch /Tashi No01/Namaste restaurant/ above these restaurant can serve you english meamu with nepal/Tibetan/indian/western Food for you availabe ,



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