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The sample of the Tibet tour permit

Since the Tibet tourism is open for foreign traveler ,The Chinese government have make the policy for foreign traveler to travel in Tibet Autonomic Region need application the Tibet tour permit ,Then you take this tour permit booking the air ticket or bus ticket and train ticket for travel to Tibet ,Otherwise you can’t boarding these traffic to Tibet ,and the permit policy have maintain until now ,so many foreign when get china or Nepal they would like travel Tibet but don’t know how can get it ,thus they are first go to local travel agency to consultant about the Tibet tour information most important ask the travel agency about the tour permit ,but some of travel agency can’t give them exactly detail information about Tibet tour permit ,only let traveler joint them group then arrangement the permit for them ,actually they use this chance to charge high price from traveler ,so here we are as a local Tibetan tour operator here I would like give claim information for you ,you can click our tour information page

This is a sample of Tibet entry tour permit for foriegn traveler when travel to Tibet Autonomic Region  by airplane ,Train or overland by bus to entry to tibet .if you don't have this entry permit when you boarding the airplan Train ,or bus ,they refused you boarding this traffic ,the permit only Tibet local agency have right to application ,not any china or nepal travel agency have right directly applcation this permit for you ,for further infromation please click our website Tibet tour information page,

The step of the tibet tour permit you need offer the your personal document

1  Your valid passport  copy

2  Your Chinese visa copy

3 Your  professional detail infromation as Name  Gender ,occupation,National ,and correct address

4 How to get the Tibet tour permit for foreign traveler in 2016

5  The permit application work day at least 2weeks ,that meaning is Before 15 work days prior to your departure

6  30% deposite from your tour cost .



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