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Our strongly recommend Tibet tours for 2023
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Tour code-TO01 : 21days Ti...
Tour code-TO01 : 21days Tibet-Kailash-Kashgar Hwy overland tour
Best visit time: May-Sept Elev:3600m-5200m
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Tour code-TO02 : 10days Nepal-Tibet friendship Hwy overland tour
Best visit time:April-Oct Elev:3600m-5200m
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Tour code-TO03 : 11days Qinghai-Tibet Hwy overland tour
Best visit time : March-Oct Elev:2500m-4700m

Hotel Photo Introduction Price
"Ganggye Lhasa hotel   ★★★★" Ganggye Lhasa hotel ★★★★

Location: good location with Tibet style Summary: The Ganggye hotel is a tradition Tibetan architecture and decorated with modern amenities 4 star standard hotel located at old part of lhasa city Add:No east beijing road Lhasa Tibet China ; Tel:0891-6305555, Tel:63055555
"Mandala hotel  ★★★" Mandala hotel ★★★

Location: goog location and tibet style Summary:The new mandala hotel is a very special Tibet style hotel with modern amenities,and a most conveniently location hotel at old part of lhasa city,the hotel has offer 80 standard and deluxe rooms with modern amenities, Add:No 20Jiangsu east road Tibet China Tel:0891-6367666
"Kyichu hotel★★★" Kyichu hotel★★★

Location: very good Add:No 24 East Beijing road Lhasa Tibet China , Tel:6338824
"Dhoogu hotel  ★★★" Dhoogu hotel ★★★

Location: Add:No Trusakhang road lhasa Tibet China ,Tel:0891-6322555,
"Shangbala hotel  ★★★" Shangbala hotel ★★★

Location: Good Add:N0 01 Danjiling road Lhasa Tibet China Tel:0891-6323888 fax:0891-632357
"Shangri-la hotel    ★★★★★" Shangri-la hotel ★★★★★

Location: Good location and super rank Summary:the Lhasa Shangri-la hotel is a newly building property hotel in Tibet ,is a luxury 5str city resort hotel situated heart of the lhasa city, the hotel has 350room divide into deluxe categories and standad rooms with all the basic amenities essential requirement Add:
"Thangka  hotel  ★★★★" Thangka hotel ★★★★

Location: very good location hotel Summary :
"Xinding hotel    ★★★★" Xinding hotel ★★★★

Location: a conveniently location hotel Summary:Xinding hotel is located at Sunshine island of the Lhasa city is a most conveniently location hotel,the hotel offers 150 spacious tastefully decorated rooms and full equip with modern amenities. Add:island road Lhasa Tibet Tel :0891-6805555 Add:0891-6805555
price : ¥960 
"St Regis  hotel★★★★★" St Regis hotel★★★★★

location:Lhasa city(conveniently location) Summary:St.regies hotel is located near the old part of Lhasa city,the hote is offer a high range of service for VIP Travel group,the hotel all hardware and software facilites are quite better than other hotel in Tibet,all hotel is western style include the service Add:No98jiangsu road Lhasa Tibet China tel :0891-6308888

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