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Hotel in Everest/ Nepal border

Hotel in Everest/ Nepal border

These hotel is will arrange for our client Mt.Everest and along the Friendship hwy to Nepal border region in  our tour package ,the hotels grade depend on your tour classic ,if you request some special hotel out of following form.we will according to your demand to offer your request .
Accommodation recommend in Everest /Tibet Nepal border region
Tingri Everest hotel                   Grade:★★
The Tingri Everest hotrel is located at the Shegar town of Tingri county and near the friendship highway it is a 3 star standard hotel with 60 comfortable rooms and private bathroom, the hotel supply both of Chinese and Western style and equipped a full modern amenities.also offer a delicious breakfast
Add: Shegar town Tingri county Tibet China ;Tel:0892-8262775
Tingri Shanghai hotel                 Grade★★
The Tingri Shanghai hotel is a 3 star standard hotel ,it is situated in the Shegar Town of Tingri ,the hotel is only a full equipped modern amenities hotel in this town and the hotel has offers 50spacious bedroom with private bathroom standard rooms and a dining hall for guest available, all hotel designed basic west style with a reasonable rate for you visit and enjoy from this hotel.
Add: Shegare town of Tingri Shigatse prefectureTibet China    Tel:0892-8262858
Tingri  Bebar hotel                  Grade★★
Tingri Bebar hotel is located at the Bebar town of new Tingri and near the friendship hwy,,is one of the local Tibetan family owned affordable budget guest house ,the guest house has offers 30most tibet style rooms ,all the room equiped private bathroom ,and spaciou bed for guest when stay this guest house,also supple a family dining room available for guest when stay this guest house .
Add: edge of the friendship hwy of New Tingri Bebar town       0892-826 
Rongbuk guest house             Grade: budget
The Rongbuk guest house is a Budget classic guest house for traveler, ,it is located Mt.Everest base camp ,the guest house has offers 20 double room and 10 triple rooms all these room without private bathroom , and shower ,
Add: at the Rongbuk monastery ,
Tingri snow leoparg G/h                Gradebudget
The Tingri snow leopareg guest house is a budget guest houese ,it it located The Old Tingri town and edge of the friendship hwy ,the guest house have offers 20 double room with private bathrooms and 10 trple room without private bathrooms ,and 10 dormitory rooms for guest to visit ,also the guest house a comfortable accommodation rooms and a small dining room availabe for guest ,
Add:  old Tingri town Tibet      tel :0892-8261828
 Kyirung                    Grade★★
The Kyirung is a government owned 3star standard hotel ,it is situated in the Kyirung,the hotel has 60 rooms and a dining hall available for guest ,the hotel categories room has divide standard room with private bathroom and triple room with private bathroom. suite for guest require, all hotel facilities tasted fully decorated with modern amenities also the restaurant have serve various food as Chinese ,Tibet ,Nepal cuise for guest taste when stay this hotel, 
  Saga hotel               Grade★★
The Saga hotel is a affordable price hotel at Saga town, the hotel has 40 guest rooms and a restaurant available for the guest to stay ,the hotel is offer a budget double room with private bathroom and some triple rooms without private bathroom, and supply a Chinese and western mixed breakfast .
Add: at Saga town of the Saga county of Shigatse prefecture  tel:
  Lhatse  Famer               Grade
The Lhatse hotel is a local Tibetan family owned guest house ,the hotel offers 40 west style rooms and a restaurant ,all the hotel categories room divide standard double room with private bathroom, triple room and ordinary room without private room, all the categories rooms rate is reasonable and can suite every guest require,
Add:  Lhatse twon of the Shigatse prefecture
Sakya manasorovar hotel            Grade★★
The Sakya manasorovar hotel is a 2 star standard hotel in the Sakya town ,the hotel has offers 40 rooms and a restaurant ,the hotel rooms has divide stadard room with private bathroom ,trple room and ordinary room withour private bathroom, this hotel facilite is only best condition in this town ,the hotel room rate is reasonable for every guest to require,
Add: At Sakya town Shigatse prefecture Tibet China , Tel: 0892-
 Note:above accommodation recommend is only provide the Tibet popular towns hotel/Guest house,which

 these hotel facilities and service has a good feedback from our clients, if your tour extend other region of

 Kham region as Ganze Autonomic prefecture and Shangri-la of Dechen Tibet Autonomic region ,

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